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Ultraterma – Elementos de Aquecimento Eléctrico, Lda it’s a Company founded in 1979, and has at its background a small manufacturing unit comming from the Sixties, in the field of Electric Heating.


Ultraterma’s location is MAIA (modern outskirts of OPORTO) close to intermational Airport and International Couriers platforms, making Urgent Shipments very ease.


 Ultraterma’s operation is organized in two different areas so defined:


-   Area of production of batch series under contracts with quantities and deliveries scheduled.


-   Area of small orders, Industrial Heaters, “Specials” and “Taylor-Made” Urgent Heaters.



     Main Production Equipment:


-   Full automatic hydraulic system for cutting tube to length, deburry, calibrate and unload.

-   Filling machines of latest generation, for high capacity, with operation steps, assisted by computer.

-   Precision reducing Rolling Mills, with carbide rolls, assuming high compacting degree and perfect surface finishing.

-   Controlled atmosphere conveyor-belt continuous furnace for the annealing and brazing of heating elements.

-   Bending / Forming equipment by numerically control, capable of configurations with tight tolerances.

-   A range of different test meters and test units, both in production and laboratory, allows to perform all the necessary testing requirements in order to control and assure the Quality.


Rua Velha Mandim 287 Barca
4475-054 MAIA
( Castêlo da Maia )

220 403 809
229 477 178
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Ultraterma.Industrial Capacity.

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Ultraterma-Elementos de Aquecimento Eléctrico Lda
(Castêlo da Maia)
Barca - Ultraterma

Industrial heating. Resistances for Hospitality, Hospitals, Food Industries, Petro-Chemical, Aeronautical. Call free!

Rua Velha Mandim 287 Barca
4475-054 MAIA
( Castêlo da Maia )
220 403 809
229 477 178